Here is Chloe, one of our 3 cat editors, showing her approval for a few pages in the book.

How the book was made

Below are stories about how the book was written, edited, illustrated, designed and tested! Coming soon a story about how the cover was made and another about how the illustrations were made. (Pictured above Chloe, one of our 3 cat editors, showing her approval for a few pages in the book. She was also very good at reordering pages. By the way, most of the pages you see were deleted and all of them were redesigned.)
Dream it covers side by side.

How the book cover was illustrated

How the hand-drawn cover was conceived and illustrated, including descriptions of the thumbnails. And how this affected title of the book and website.

Dream Team at Parker Woods Montessori Elementary. The authors and University of Cincinnati facilitators.

Improving socioemotional awareness using the Dream It! Playbook

Highlights from our recent study, including lots of pictures and graphs. The purpose of this research is to evaluate student and teacher perspectives on the effectiveness of the “Dream It! Playbook” to improve social-emotional learning skills of self-awareness (including optimistic thinking, growth mindset, mindfulness, hope and grit) among elementary school students.

Focus group on community learning centers with the Northside Education Committee and Cincinnati Public Schools

Learning how the education system works

If you’ve been reading our website, you’ve learned that we spent a great deal of effort learning educational theory, cognitive development and psychological theory, and combining it all with our own life experiences to form a comprehensive, evidence-based process for learning how to dream and turn those dreams into reality. However, one aspect of the book that is not apparent by reading it is all the work we’ve done learning how to work within the bureaucracy of the school system, connecting with community leaders and implementing educational programs.

Book with pages bent into the shape of a heart.

Curated Articles on Educational Psychology

During the creation of our first book, we spent countless hours researching. And we also ran our own research project. During the way, we ran across a lot of great ideas that got lost, so we thought we should begin collecting the best of the best articles we have read.

The most frequent words in "Dream it!" Word cloud.

The vocabulary of “Dream It!”

As with most aspects of a children’s book, vocabulary — or should we say diction? — or should we say word choice? — can become a complex topic, especially if you want to teach them new concepts, like how to dream. Even the word “dream” has two very different meanings. Let’s dive a little deeper into this topic and have some fun along the way.

Dream Workshop Pilot Program. The aftermath of dream drawings. Note this is only 1 corner of the room.

Our educational philosophy

This is a big topic ranging from educational psychology to cognitive development and from teaching styles to learning styles and much more. But to put it simply: We believe that kids are driven by passion and that they learn by doing — playing. And we believe the concepts, activities and games should be evidence-based, meaning tested and proven in the real world.​

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