A child in a sombrero shares his dreams with his classmates. And another group of children make dream catchers out of paper plates and colorful yarn and feathers.

Dream It! Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum

For schools, after-school programs, homeschool and healthcare settings.

Teach your students how to dream and how to turn dreams into reality. Your students will learn how to harness their passion and set life goals with this fun, 4-color, 80-page, evidence-based workbook.

Our program is evidence-based and scientifically proven to increase optimistic thinking. It is the result of 6 university studies and over 5 years of work. Our research was conducted in real-world, public school classrooms. And our book is scientifically-proven to increase optimistic thinking and other important life-skills. The Dream It! Curriculum breaks our groundbreaking book into a step-by-step, day-by-day guide perfect for classrooms of any kind: school, after-school, homeschool or virtual. 

Fun, 4-color, pencil and paper games including a blueprint, word search, origami fortune teller and a permission slip to dream.
Fun, 4-color, 80-page, pencil and paper games including a blueprint, word search, origami fortune teller and a permission slip to dream. Each game is designed to teach a step in the how-to-dream process and then put the concept into action with a game or interactive activity.

Table of Contents

Dream It! is chock full of evidence-based activities, games, and brainstorming questions to help you discover your passions, identify your strengths and values, create brand-new, unique-to-you dreams… and ultimately open the door to a life full of possibilities! So get ready—with this playbook as your guide, not even the sky’s the limit.

Learn more about the book. 

Version 7. COVID-19 Update.

At a time when the future is wildly uncertain and present-day routines have been upended, helping kids learn to think optimistically and envision better days is a priority. Dream It! A Playbook to Spark Your Awesomeness can help you do that! It’s the perfect tool for both in-person or virtual classrooms.

Dream It! is especially relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a very challenging time for everyone, and it seems like our lives won’t go back to normal any time soon. It is particularly difficult for children to understand what is happening. Using the foundation of Dream It! we can teach children that our dream is to stay healthy and protect the ones we love. So, the goal that was set by our society—and the whole world—is to temporarily ask everyone to stay at home to achieve this dream. From this starting point, we can inspire children to dream about a better life and what the world can look like after COVID-19, too!

Dream It! is perfect for kids working in a classroom, virtually, or in home-learning environments as an evidence-based, social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum that can be customized for your learning environment.

The full-color, 80-page workbook has games, quizzes, and activities that teach students how to dream (set goals) and start making their dream a reality one step at a time. A recent study published in the peer-reviewed journal, Child & Youth Care Forum, validates that Dream It! is scientifically proven to increase optimistic thinking, hope, grit, growth mindset and more. Most importantly, teachers and kids find the workbook to be fun, easy, and effective. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to learn how to harness their passion, including adults.

We believe it is more important than ever to dream and set life goals. Download the FREE curriculum below and get started dreaming now.

Evidence-Based Results

The University of Cincinnati logoThe Dream It! Curriculum is based on our research projects with the University of Cincinnati in YMCA After School Programs and Cincinnati Public Schools using the Dream It! Playbook. We conducted 6 research projects over 5 years. Our most recent study was published in the peer-reviewed, scientific journal Child & Youth Care Forum

Read the summary of our dream research here. Below are a few highlights. 

Starburst with text: 100% of kids reported thinking about their goals more often with the Dream It! Playbook.
Starburst with text: 97% of kids recommend The Dream It! Playbook
Starburst with text: Dream It! scored a 22% improvement in optimistic thinking
Starburst with text: Teachers agree: Activities align with the Common Core Standards
Intervention results graph



What are social-emotional skills?

Per the CASEL website: “Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.” 

In other words, emotions like passion are fundamental for helping a student find motivation and stay focused. An example we like to use is that if a student likes to explore, they may want to be an astronaut, and the excitement and passion of that dream will fuel their motivation to learn math and science. 

The Dream It! SEL Curriculum is scientifically proven to increase the following social-emotional skills. Read more about our dream research

Optimistic Thinking



Growth Mindset

Don't take our word for it

These other organizations are also using the Dream It! SEL Curriculum. 

“Dream It!” has been selected by Reading Is Fundamental as part of their Social-Emotional Learning Collection. Pictured here is “Dream It!” on the table at the American Psychological Association annual conference. 

Reading Is Fundamental | Children's Literacy Non-Profit
A donkey dressed in a rainbow-colored unicorn costume complete with horn, wig and glitter.

“Dream It!” made the Children’s Book Council’s Express Yourself Showcase

PS. That’s a character from our book, the  Donkeycorn, a donkey dressed as a unicorn. It symbolizes how living your dream may be just be a state of mind.

This fall 2020 Cincinnati Public School social workers will be implementing the Dream It! Curriculum.

World Vision logo

World Vision has included the Dream Workshop on their bookshelf across the globe, and provided they find the funding, they will also be implementing the Dream It! Curriculum. (It’s a little challenging due to the need to translate the book to every language.) 

YMCA logo. For youth development. For healthy living. For social responsibility.

The YMCA is where we did a year’s worth of testing and improving. 

And there are many more local organizations. 

You should change the title of the book to: "Live the life YOU want to live if YOU put your mind to it!

Recommendation by a student in the research study

The Facilitator's Guide

& Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum

Dream It Playbook Facilitator-Guide for teachers and parents
An example of the page-by-page breakdown of Dream it!
The Facilitator Guide includes a session-by-session breakdown. Each page has a summary of the concept and suggestions of how to instruct the students.

Important note: You don’t need the facilitator’s guide. The book is designed to be self-explanatory for children to complete independently. However, if you are a teacher, healthcare professional, or homeschool parent that wants to implement the book in a professional setting or over a set period of time — this guide is for you.

Facilitating the Dream It! Playbook is easy because the Playbook is designed to be self-explanatory. That being said, this guide gives advice on how to implement the Dream It! Playbook as a curriculum in your classroom, after-school program, workshop, or individually, such as tutoring, homeschooling or therapeutic activities.

Update: Version 6. Now including a section for health care professionals with suggested activities for challenges like anxiety and depression.

We offer solutions to break the book into different periods of time that can be delivered across: 

  • an afternoon (1-3 hour introduction),
  • a few days or weeks (3 sessions overview),
  • one semester (9 sessions),
  • or, ideally, an entire school year (1 day per week). 

We also summarize the concepts and the activities page by page. And, we give lots of suggestions for working with children, getting unstuck and maximizing dream potential. 

Table of contents

The guide is an 18-page, comprehensive, day-by-day explanation. It looks long, but you can skip to the pages that you need and get a simple explanation. Rather than post the guide here online, we provide PDF Document so that you can edit and customize your own course.

  • Quick start
  • Introduction
  • Overview: How to Facilitate “Dream It!”
  • The Art of Dream Mentorship
  • Working with adults
  • Working with children
  • Structuring Sessions
    • Quick Schedule (1-3 sessions)
    • Short Schedule (9 sessions)
      • Select descriptions of concepts and activities.
    • Long Schedule (33 sessions)
      • Page-by-page description of concepts and activities.
  • Guiding a Session
    • Example Session: Short Schedule
      • Day 1
      • Day 2+
      • The final day
  • Working with Children in a Mental Health Setting
    • Table of Specific Applications of Activities to Challenges
  • How to Measure Results
  • Dream Survey (Before and After)


The Dream Workshop is a 1-hour introduction to the subject of how to dream. The Dream It! Curriculum is a deep dive with step-by-step instructions, games and activities. The Curriculum focuses on teaching kids important social-emotional skills like optimistic thinking, perseverance (grit), growth mindset, hope and more. 

Yes! The Workshop would make a good introduction, but it is not necessary. 

If you are working individually, no. The book is designed to be self-explanatory for children to complete independently. However, if you are a teacher, healthcare professional, or homeschool parent that wants to implement the book in a professional setting or over a set period of time — this guide is for you.

The facilitator’s guide is written with the professional educator or healthcare worker in mind. 

Yes. Dream It! is a beautiful 4-color, 80-page workbook that will be a keepsake journal for your student. It is actually cheaper to purchase than it would be for you to make print-outs. 

“Dream It!” is available everywhere books are sold. You can purchase signed books from us. Or, most likely, your organization will order books from their suppliers. 

You can also order direct from the publisherBulk discounts available for teachers, health care professionals, and nonprofit organizations starting at 30% for 10+ copies! Call Magination Press at (800) 374-2721. APA members also get a discount for even 1 book. Download the PDF order form for more info.

All you need is a student, the “Dream It! Playbook,” a pencil, and the facilitator’s guide. 

Get started making dreams real now

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To download this evidence-based workshop, please subscribe below. To help reward all our hard work — we thrive on seeing dreams come true — please send us some pictures of your dreams or group in action. And, as always, your comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Thank you!

Click here to download your free Facilitator’s Guide PDF.

Enjoy and let us know if you have questions or suggestions and — of course — send us pictures or quotes of your dreams!

FREE downloadble extras

Awards Game for "Dream it!"

Awards Challenge

Earn your dream rank from Newbie to Awesome!

This is another companion game for the book. From the beginning until the end, life is a constant adventure, not a problem to be solved. It doesn’t matter if we achieve great things, it only matters if we feel a great sense of accomplishment! Practice feeling accomplished by marking off your physical achievements in the Dream It! Playbook!

Easter Egg Hunt Game for "Dream it!"

Easter Egg Hunt​

Try to find all the hidden surprises in Dream It!

Our first game is a companion game for our new book “Dream It!” The Easter Egg Hunt. In this case, “Easter egg” means a hidden surprise. If you saw the movie Ready Player One, you learned that the first hidden surprise was a message in the 1979 video game “Adventure” by Atari. The term was coined “Easter egg” to encourage players to hunt for all the surprises just like the real holiday game. It became so popular that Easter eggs are now part of almost every game, movie and television show, and — of course — our book.