A child in a sombrero shares his dreams with his classmates. And another group of children make dream catchers out of paper plates and colorful yarn and feathers.



Our workshops are designed for groups of children, like classrooms, after-school programs, homeschools, families, birthday parties and more.

Evidence-based activities

A super quick summary: Our group activities are based on research projects conducted in the classroom and facilitated by the University of Cincinnati with partners like YMCA After School Programs, Cincinnati Public Schools, private schools and non-profit organizations. The Dream It! Playbook, is scientifically proven to increase optimistic thinking by as much as 22%, as well as improvements in hope, mindfulness and perseverance (grit). Likewise, the Dream Workshop research demonstrated that it increased student confidence. And, almost just as important as the student’s results, 100% of the teachers and facilitators found the teaching fun and easy and recommended it as a method to increase confidence.

Overview of our workshops

Currently, we offer five workshops. They are all designed to be easy, fun and educational for students and facilitators.

Step #3: Play it! Take a step of action to make your dreams real.

Take a step of action to help make dreams come true.

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