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Backyard Adventures

You don’t have to go further than your backyard to have an adventure. These are cool, fun, mini-expeditions helping students and parents see the world with eyes of wonder and to learn by playing. They will teach all three steps of our formula. First, we’ll inspire you with a dream. Second, you’ll have to plan your adventure. And third, you’ll get to do it! Along the way, we hope you find a few things that you’ll love to do and learn how to overcome obstacles.

These are a type of activity, but we love them so much we are giving them their own page.

International Space Station over Earth the pale blue dot.

Spot the International Space Station

Here is an easy backyard adventure that I have done 3 times already. You can easily spot the International Space Station flying overhead. It looks a lot like a fast airplane except that’s a lot higher and traveling thousands of miles an hour.

Grow Food Not Grass Sign

Grow Food NOT Grass

What better way to have a backyard adventure than to grow a garden? This backyard adventure is part of the mini-series that I like to

Are you a flutterby or a butterfly? Don't let life pass you by.

Are you a flutterby?

Do you stop to smell the flowers and sip the nectar of life? Or do you just flutter past everything and let your wings get caught in the winds of life?

Students examine red worms and compost bin

Worms eat my garbage

Illustration of the new children’s book has begun at the Waukesha STEM Academy charter school. Above one of 18 art classes is working on their drawings for “Ruby the Red Worm’s Dirty Job”.

Pacific Sideband Snail, Monadenia Fidelis

Photo Safari

First in our series of Backyard Adventures is the Photo Safari. “Safari” is one of my favorite words. It means “adventure” or “journey” in Swahili. And while I was riding my bicycle through East Africa, people would often wish me, “Habari Safari,” meaning, “Have a good adventure.”