The Dream Workshop activities. There a bucket list, a mapping exercise, a maze and a certificate of achievement.

Dream Workshop

Learn how to turn dreams into reality in three easy steps

A 45-minute, evidence-based workshop

The Dream Workshop is a short, 45-minute introduction to the overall process of how to dream and how to turn dreams into reality. We’ll walk you through the whole process: dreaming (goal setting and optimistic thinking), mapping (planning and perseverance) and playing (enjoying the journey andmindfulness). Dream  >  Map > Play. The Dream Workshop is a simplified, 3-step introduction to Our Dream Theory.

It’s perfect for classrooms, after-school clubs, homeschooling, team-building and anybody who has about 45 minutes to play some fun games to learn how to dream and make those dreams real. We believe every kid (and adult) needs these fundamental life skills. Better yet — the Dream Workshop is FREE! Download the PDF below

Updates: A new alternate mapping exercise, and an event flyer are included in the free PDF.

Evidence-based results

Update: After 6 months, the Dream Workshop research study is done. And, we’re proud to announce that it was a success! The Dream Workshop has proven to significantly increase a student’s self-confidence as part of a social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum.

Including the pilot program and the dream workshop research study, we had over 200 people participate. We got feedback both from students and facilitators and used it to improve the Dream Workshop through 5 rounds. It was a huge amount of work that goes to show how committed we are to helping kids live awesome lives!

Starburst: The Dream Workshop is scientifically proven to increase self-confidence.

Kids understood the concept quickly and easily! Which is great! We want to give them a memorable lesson to last a lifetime. And, as we say in the course, our formula is not only good for setting life goals but also for overcoming upset. For example: 1) If you’re sad, you have the dream to be happy. 2) Now you need a plan. 3) Most importantly, you need to take a step of action.

Read about how we conducted the Dream Workshop research study.

How the Dream Workshop works

Starburst: 100% of facilitators recommend the Dream Workshop.

The Dream It Workshop is based on the book “Dream It! A Playbook To Spark Your Awesomeness” by author and adventurer Scott Stoll and child psychologist Dr Sara Williams. They created the Playbook to teach kids how to dream, set goals and think optimistically about their futures. The Dream Workshop expands on these ideas to also teach kids how to plan their dreams and to practice doing their dreams. The Workshop uses the 3-step formula. 1) Dream it! 2) Map it! 3) Play it!

As you can see above, we have three pencil-and-paper activities, one for each step of our formula. Unlike their book, the workshop is a simple overview of the whole process, meant to be delivered in a quick and memorable way.

  1. First, we need a dream, so students fill their buckets with ideas
  2. Second, now that we have a dream, we need a plan. Students plan an imaginary dream to travel the world using the 5 W’s: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How.
  3. Third, now we just need to do it and have fun. But, it’s not always that easy. Students are challenged to overcome obstacles by solving an “impossible” maze and literally thinking outside the box.

The Dream Workshop Facilitator’s Guide

The Workshop comes with a detailed facilitator’s guide with step-by-step instructions and even a script they can follow with lots of examples. It was designed to be as easy as possible and tested in real-world classrooms by the University of Cincinnati. In fact, we’re still testing it now and revising it each time.

The Dream Workshop Itinerary

  1. Quick introductions.
  2. Activity. Ice-breaker.
  3. Overview: How to turn dreams into reality.
  4. Activity. Step 1: Dream it! — The Bucket List.
  5. Activity. Step 2: Map it! — The 5 W’s or The 3-Step Process.
  6. Stretch break. 
  7. Activity. Step 3: Play it! — The Impossible Maze.
  8. Activity. Sharing a dream and team-building exercise.
  9. Conclusion.
  10. Certificate of achievement.

Total time = 45–60 minutes, depending on your group.

Treasure island
Can you make a plan to get the pot of gold on the other island? One simple solution is: 1) Cut down the tree. 2) Make a raft. 3) Paddle to the other island using a leaf.

Update. A new page.

UPDATE: For step 2, we have included a new alternate activity for a younger age group. (Actually, we think it is a creative challenge for adults, too.) The original activity plans an adventure around the world using the 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. The alternate activity plans how to get the treasure using a simple 3-step process. 

Free and no translation needed

For now, we are now offering this valuable resource for free. Because we work with international organizations like World Vision, we designed the activities with as few words as possible to avoid translation. Facilitators often speak English and can use the script as a guide for talking their students through the exercises, using examples relevant to their culture. To further lower costs, the activities need nothing more than a pencil and paper. However, if you want more and can afford more, we recommend our book Dream It! It is scientifically proven to increase optimistic thinking, growth mindset, grit and hope! How can you beat that!? The in-depth experience of Dream It! is scientifically proven to increase optimistic thinking, perseverance, growth mindset, hope, dreaming and more.

The black and white PDF is also easy and affordable to print at home or office. 

Download the Dream Workshop version 8.0 now

To download this evidence-based workshop, please subscribe below. To help reward all our hard work — we thrive on seeing dreams come true — please send us some pictures of your dreams or group in action. And, as always, your comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Customize your workshop

Pictured at the top of this page are two activities from our Dream Workshop. (We have a variety of activities to choose from.) In the first, students are encouraged to share their dream. The sharer gets to wear the coveted talking hat. In the second activity, students make dreamcatchers with their facilitators and talk about their dreams and overcoming their fears.

Dream Workshop and Dream Party. Pictured are parents and kids making buttons and doing brain games.
This is from our book launch party but our Dream Workshops are very similar. Parents and kids are making buttons about their dreams and playing brain games. Soon, the room will be at maximum capacity and that donkeycorn cake in the background will disappear in a matter of minutes.

Sharing is a favorite activity

Dream Workshop Wordplay Org
The Dream Workshop in action at Wordplay. It’s also a great group bonding activity.

The Dream Workshop Pilot Program

While we developed our book, Dream It, we did years of testing the activities. Maybe it goes without saying, but we learned a lot! The teachers liked to call it The Dream Club. We took that idea and turned it into our Dream Workshop Pilot Program (pictured below), where we attempted to teach kids the whole book in one sitting.

The "How's it going" Dream Workshop station with facilitators and children.
The “How’s it going” Dream Workshop station. This is one of three stations. Pictured here facilitators (yellow shirts) help guide the children through the exercise of HOW to make the dream a reality. We sectioned off the room using cardboard.
Dream Workshop Pilot Program. The aftermath of dream drawings. Note this is only 1 corner of the room.
Dream Workshop Pilot Program. The aftermath of dream drawings. This is only one corner of the room!

Download below.

Download: The Dream Workshop

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This is a printer-friendly, high-res PDF. You’ll get both a color (if available) and black and white version. Each PDF comes with simple instructions. We recommend tracking your progress by putting all your activities into 3-ring binder. Thanks! And have fun!

If you liked the Dream Workshop, then you’ll love our book about how to dream.

Dream It! A playbook to spark your awesomeness!

Dream It!

A playbook to spark your awesomeness!

By Scott Stoll, Sara E. Williams PhD and YOU

It’s all about Step 1 — learning how to harness your passion and set life goals. “Dream It!” is an 80-page, full-color workbook that teaches kids how to dream and set goals by using fun games and activities. “Dream It!” is scientifically proven to increase optimistic thinking by 22%. And, if you think optimistically, you are more likely to live the life of your dreams. With this Playbook as your guide, not even the sky’s the limit.

Step #3: Play it! Take a step of action to make your dreams real.

Take a step of action to help make dreams come true.

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