A child in a sombrero shares his dreams with his classmates. And another group of children make dream catchers out of paper plates and colorful yarn and feathers.

Dream Workshop

The Dream Workshop version 2 is here!

Our first book Dream It! is all about finding a dream — the hardest and most important step. But we won’t leave you hanging there. With the Dream Workshop we’ll walk you through the whole process of turning dreams into reality: dreaming (goal setting and optimistic thinking), mapping (planning and perseverance) and playing (doing and overcoming obstacles).
Dream > Map > Play = Dreamaplay

Great News for Fall 2019

Once again we’ll be working with the University of Cincinnati to develop this free curriculum. We’re also proud to partner with World Vision to offer this workshop to children in need worldwide. And, once again, we’ll be able to provide evidence-based results to prove we can make dreams come true.

Workshop Participants

  • The University of Cincinnati
  • St Boniface School
  • The Girl Scouts
  • Happen, Inc.
  • Wordplay
  • And more. If you are in the Cincinnati area and would like to participate, please contact us.

Workshop Overview

The workshop, previously called The Dream Club, will be a short introduction to the overall process of how to turn dreams into reality. It’s perfect for classrooms, after-school clubs, homeschooling, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, and anybody that has about 2 hours to play some fun games to learn how to dream and make those dreams real.

Pictured above are two activities from our Dream Workshop. (We have a variety of activities to choose from.) In the first, students are encouraged to share their dream. The sharer gets to wear the coveted talking hat. In the second activity, students make dream catchers with their facilitators and talk about some of their fears about doing it.

The Dream Workshop schedule

  1. Ice breaker activity.
  2. Introduction.
  3. Activity. Step 1. Dream it! Fill out a short bucket list.
  4. Activity. Step 2. Map it! As an example of planning a dream, students will map an adventure around the world.
  5. Snack break.
  6. Activity. Step 3. Play it! As an example of doing/living a dream, students will attempt a difficult maze that is intended to create an obstacle to overcome.
  7. Conclusion. Sharing a dream or lesson learned.
  8. Certificate of achievement. 

After the workshop, we hope kids would like to do a deep dive into the most important and difficult step, how to dream, with our new book, Dream it!

Stay tuned

We’ll be posting more information soon.

  • More pictures.
  • More activities.
  • And we’ll post the workshop for anyone to use!

How-To Dream Activities

The below picture is from our book launch, but our Dream Workshops often work the same.

Dream Workshop and Dream Party. Pictured are parents and kids making buttons and doing brain games.
This is from our book launch party. Parents and kids are making buttons about their dreams and playing brain games. Soon, the room will be at maximum capacity and that donkeycorn cake in the background will disappear in a matter of minutes.
Dream Workshop Pilot Program. The aftermath of dream drawings. Note this is only 1 corner of the room.
Dream Workshop Pilot Program. The aftermath of dream drawings. This is only one corner of the room!
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