Step 1) Dream. Step 2) Map. Step 3) Play. And illustrations of the Dreamaplay hats. Each representing a different aspect of how to dream, and how to turn dreams into reality, and how to enjoy living your dream. The colander with lightbulb for dream it! The treasure map folded into a paper hat for map it! And the jester's hat for play it.

Are you ready to make dreams come true?

We teach kids (and adults) how to dream, how to turn those dreams into reality, and how to have fun doing it. We use our evidence-based process: Dream it! Map it! Play it! And, we use traditional pencil-and-paper games and hands-on activities that teach important concepts and put them into action right away — because we love to learn by doing — playing! More about our Dream Theory.

Feel Your Feelings

2022 Silver finalist. Excellence in Nonfiction. California Reading Association.

Feel Your Feelings introduces children to basic emotions with fun poems that they can act out from head to toe. They will learn that emotions are our friends. Some emotions show us what we love, others protect us from harm, and all of them put together, like colors on an artist’s palette, paint a beautiful picture of life. More info.


Feel Your Feelings story time window display

Feel Your Feelings storytime and activities

Here are some pictures of all the fun activities we did at our storytime, including an emoji cutout kit, giant slide puzzle, jigsaw puzzles, T-shirts, buttons, notepads, book signing, snacks, and lots of time to share stories and smiles.

Paper and Pencil Games & Worksheets

Bridge the gap. An illustration of a bicyclist trying to get over a pit filled, and an illustration of a man stranded on an island trying to get pot of gold.

Bridge the gap

A 3-part worksheet to help you get unstuck. This is an exercise to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your dream. Can you get from one side to the other using either logic or emotions?

Crafts & Activities

If you could do anything, what would you do? Flying bicycle and cat.

Share your dream

Benefits of sharing your dream: It counts as a step of action to help make your dream real! You may inspire someone with a new dream.

Backyard Adventures

Bingo Scavenger Hunt Backyard Edition. Two cards, plus a blank grid and spare parts to make your own custom bingo board

Bingo Scavenger Hunt — Backyard Edition

Bingo Scavenger Hunt: Backyard Edition. Play at home or with your neighbor. You’ll be surprised at everything you discover: plants, animals, bugs, rocks, stars and more.

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