We’re dedicated to teaching kids how to dream and how to turn those dreams into reality using our formula: Dream it! Map it! Play it! And, to do that we use traditional pencil-and-paper games and evidence-based activities that teach important concepts, and put them into action right away — because we all know that kids learn by doing — playing!

A new workbook — or as we like to call it, a new playbook — to teach kids how to dream, set goals and think optimistically.

Dream It!

A playbook to spark your awesomeness!

By Scott Stoll, Sara E. Williams PhD and YOU!
Published by Magination Press

Do you want to live the biggest, brightest, best life possible?  If so, this book is for you! Dream It! is chock full of evidence-based activities, games, and brainstorming questions to help you open the door to a life full of possibilities! With this playbook as your guide, not even the sky’s the limit.

Have you ever asked yourself…

“What good is school?” Or: “Why bother going to work every day?” or “Why do anything?” Well, here is the answer: So you can live the life of your dreams! And, we’re here to help you create that dream and discover the passion that makes life worth living. When you tap into this passion, suddenly things like school, work and exercise aren’t chores anymore, but the tools to making dreams a reality and building an amazing life. So get ready — with our website and new book as your guide not even the sky is the limit.

You are born with creative superpowers. You can be or do or make anything. And all you need to make it happen is — Dream it! Map it! Play it! Repeat after us: Dream it! Map it! Play it!

Our Motto

How to turn dreams into reality

Step 1 Dream it! Symbolized by the dream cap, thinking hat.

Step 1: Dream It!

Everything begins with a dream. Take the first step in creating a new reality: dream big. If you could do anything, what would you do? This first step is to find a dream that you are passionate about, something that you would walk to the ends of the earth to accomplish. This Playbook is almost all about this first step: how to dream!

Step 2 Map it! Symbolized by the paper hat made from a treasure map.

Step 2: Map It!

Once you choose a dream and commit to making it happen, now it is time to begin planning your journey. What steps do you need to take to reach your destination? What supplies will you need to bring with you? When will you begin? What will you do in case of bad weather? Declare your commitment to the world. The more people you inspire, the merrier.

Step 3 Play it! Symbolized by the Jester Hat

Step 3: Play It!

Once you have mapped out your dream, you just have to do it. Sounds easy, right? The only thing separating you from your dream is participation—taking steps of action, trying, and modifying. And, remember to savor the accomplishments every step of the way.

We wrote a book all about Step 1: Dream it!

Step 1 Dream it! Symbolized by the dream cap, thinking hat.

We wrote a whole book just about this first, most important and arguably the most challenging step called — obviously — Dream It! We break the dream process into even smaller steps and walk you through the whole process step by step. But we won’t leave you hanging there. Soon well post resources for mapping (planning) and playing (doing). So, stay tuned for more free online content and games to teach you how to map your dreams. And help us vote on new content in the Sandbox! We love to test everything.

22% improvement in children's optimistic thinking* (A big improvement!)
90% of kids looked forward to Dream It! Playbook sessions.​*
95% of kids recommended the Dream It! Playbook.​*
100% of kids reported thinking about their goals more often*

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