Feel Your Feelings story time window display
A beautiful window display advertising Feel Your Feelings story time.

Feel Your Feelings storytime and activities

Sara and Scott love to meet our fans and do storytime — a read-along and act-along. We’re available for your local events, book signings and virtually. Contact us for more details.

Here are some pictures of all the fun activities we did at our recent storytime, including an emoji cutout kit, giant slide puzzle, jigsaw puzzles, T-shirts, buttons, notepads, book signing, snacks, and lots of time to share stories and smiles.

The first ten families got a free book. And we also provided snacks. In our neighborhood, not everyone gets three meals a day. Everyone had a blast, even the adults. I know I loved it.

Not pictured is Sara and Scott doing a reading with all the kids acting out the book. It was so much fun. We worked hard to film the event, but I’m not sure the audio worked. Sad face emoji 🙁

Thanks to Happen, Inc for organizing the event. And thanks to Prari Tye Dye for the shirts.

Feel Your Feelings story time Sara and Scott
Sara and Scott ready to sign some books. Every book gets a free emoji button and a page from the bucket list notepad. Did you notice their fancy emoji T-shirts?
Feel Your Feelings story time emoji cutout kit before

The emoji cutout kit activity table looking neat and tidy before the kids arrive.
Feel Your Feelings story time emoji cutout kit after
The emoji cutout kit activity table in action. It got messy fast, but we created some great new emojis.
Feel Your Feelings jigsaw puzzle
A jigsaw puzzle from Feel Your Feelings. This is Glad aka Happy.
Cat emoji slide puzzle animation
Scott also made a giant, wooden slide puzzle. Here is an animation of how it works. This is a rainbow version of Calvin the Cat, who gets his own special emoji in the acknowledgments of the book.
Feel Your Feelings story time snacks
Some snacks for the families. In our neighborhood, not everyone gets three meals a day.

Below are some of Scott and Sara’s other storytimes

APA Storytime with Magination Press. Sara and Scott read picture books to a group of children. An example of 10 ideas to bring books to life for children.
Sara and Scott host storytime at the American Psychology Association annual convention. We learn a lot by reading books to kids. (Kid’s pictured with permission.)
Picture of Scott Stoll

Scott Stoll

My claim to fame is that I rode a bicycle around the world and wrote some books. More about me.

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