KMNH Community Spotlight authors Scott and Sara
KMNH Community Spotlight authors Scott and Sara

Kids Making the News Happen

KMNH Community Spotlight

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KMNH. Cincinnati. Kids Making the News Happen. Radio call sign.

Dr Sara and Scott were honored to be the focus of KMNH’s community spotlight for more than one reason. Obviously, it was a big honor. More importantly, Toby and the KMNH news team are the perfect example of kids making their dreams come true. Below are a few photographs of behind-the-scenes at KMNH and a transcript of their interview for your convenience.

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Kids Making the News Happen. Community Spotlight with Scott and Dr Sara talking about how to make dreams happen.

Toby: I’m Toby and this is KMNH. Kids Making the News Happen. 

Announcer: Welcome to KMNH. Kids Making the News Happen. 

KMNH News. Sara sits in front of the green screen and cameras.
Behind the scenes at KMNH news. To be extra safe, Sara wears her face mask just before the interview starts.

Toby: Many people think that daydreaming is a waste of time and not productive. But not local illustrator and author Scott Stoll and co-author child psychologist Dr Sara Williams. 

Dr Sara: As a child psychologist, I am always looking for new tools to educate kids about their emotions, and ways that they can build tools to help them with challenges in their life. 

Toby: Together, this dreaming duo created a book that is a perfect educational gift for your child. The book is called “Dream It! A Playbook To Spark Your Awesomeness” and is chocked full of evidence-based activities, games and brainstorming questions to help you discover your passions, identity, strengths and values. Plus, a whole lot more! 

Scott: Sara and I thought it was important for kids to take action, to embody those dreams because we feel that reading a book is just one level, but the activities actually teach them how to do it as they are learning. It’s called learning through play.  

KMNH News. Scott sits in front of the green screen and cameras.
Behind the scenes at KMNH News. Scott had to do several retakes because he gets nervous in front of the camera. Notice: The animations will be superimposed on the green screen later.

Sara: What is really exciting to me about teaching kids how to dream is seeing how inspired and motivated they can become to accomplish their goals. Anytime kids have challenges or stressors, thinking about what they wish and hope for is a great way to get through those challenges. 

Toby: The book is also a great example of how people with different educational backgrounds and experiences can come together to create something new. 

Sara: So, working on “Dream It!” the playbook with Scott was really exciting because we were able to combine my background of education and psychology — things that help kids learn about their emotions and passions — with Scott’s illustration abilities. And together, we were able to come up with a lot of fun activities that really can help kids grow.

Toby: Did you know that Scott followed his dream of riding a bike around the world? And following that dream helped influence this project?

Scott: I always say to kids: “If I rode a bicycle around the world, and now you know everything I know, imagine what you could do with your life?” 

Toby: We encourage you to dream and dream big by going to to learn more about the “Dream It! Playbook.” Or you can go to Downbound Books right here in Northside and order your book today.

This KMNH segment was sponsored by United Reliance. Thank you for your support. 

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Every radio and TV station needs a marker board to plan their week, and KMNH is no exception.
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