Our foster kitten posing with our book "Feel Your Feelings"
Recently we started fostering kittens. Here is a glamour shot of the very cute and handsome kitten, Burger. (His siblings were named Buns, Tomato, Lettuce and Special Sauce.)

My cat editors

Orange Cat Emoji

Since the internet was made for sharing cat pictures, I thought everyone would love to see my cats hard at work. For 10 years now, I’ve been supervised by my crew of cat editors. It’s been a challenge to learn how to work around a cat. As a matter of fact, Furrell is sitting between my arms as I type right now.

If you bought a copy of Feel Your Feelings, you may recognize the emoji on the last page. Calvin, the orange cat, passed away just before our book went to the printer. Thanks to our human editor Sarah F. for allowing us to dedicate the book to a cat. Calvin was my constant office companion and a cat full of big feelings.

A collage of pictures showing cats sitting on or around a computer.
Here Calvin, Sueño, Chloe and Furrell make themselves comfortable in my office. It is a daily challenge to work around them.
A collage of cats walking over a table full of thumbnail pages that we cutout and are trying to put in order.
Here Furrell (top right), Calvin, and Chloe take turns inspecting our work. This is the original Dream Playbook. We printed out thumbnails (tiny pages) and are putting them in a new order.
Chloe the cat rolling around the pages of my book that I spread on the floor
Chloe the cat rolling around the pages of my book. I spread out the pages of my work in progress so that I can see the flow of the book. If she sits on a page, we call that the butt stamp of approval.
Scott Stoll

Scott Stoll

My claim to fame is that I rode a bicycle around the world and wrote some books. More about me.

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