Bingo Scavenger Hunt Backyard Edition. Two cards, plus a blank grid and spare parts to make your own custom bingo board
Bingo Scavenger Hunt Backyard Edition. Play at home or with your neighbor. You'll be surprised at all the plants and animals that you've never noticed. Once you discover some new objects, you can make your own custom bingo card and challenge a friend.

Bingo Scavenger Hunt — Backyard Edition

You’ll be surprised at what you find

Our Backyard Adventures are fun and easy mini-expeditions that you can do — you guessed it! — right in your own backyard. These activities are designed to help students and parents explore the world with eyes of wonder. Along the way, you might discover new areas of interest, new dreams and potential new careers.

Your adventure should you choose to accept it is…

Here’s is a fun game that combines three of our favorite games: the Scavenger Hunt, Bingo and Backyard Adventures. We made this game to help you find all kinds of new things in your backyard. You can play alone or with a friend or family member. It’s the perfect game while we all stay-at-home and stay mentally healthy and happy.

Scott was inspired to make this search-and-find game because he is always surprised at what he finds in his backyard. Take his garden as an example. It gets bigger every day. Then one day, it has a flower. And another day it has a tomato. Where did that come from!? He’s always finding new plants — some people call them weeds. The wind blows seeds into his yard, or sometimes a bird drops a seed as they fly past. A lot of birds, butterflies and bees like to visit his garden. There is almost always a weird bug to be found on a plant or in the ground. There is a flock of goldfinch that live nearby. Last year, there was a family of raccoons in the woods nearby. There is a possum, too. And so much more… There is a whole world in Scott’s backyard, and we think you’ll find a whole world in your backyard too!


Bingo Scavenger Hunt is super easy to play. You can even make up your own rules. Use your imagination and your own backyard to see how quickly you can find common outdoor objects. Can you find 5 in a row, column or diagonally?

You’re also free to create your own rules and interpret the drawings any way you want. We’ve purposely drawn some of the objects to look mysterious. For example, is that a ball or a rock? Is that a hummingbird or mosquito? Or, is that an acorn or a symbol for any kind of seed? You get to decide!

The question mark “?” is like a free space. We recommend that you challenge yourself and find a new discovery. It can be anything.

Hint: You might want go outside twice: once in the day and once at night.

Play with a friend

Bingo Scavenger Hunt: Backyard Edition — The Sun Card.
Bingo Scavenger Hunt: Backyard Edition — The Sun Card. One of two cards included. Plus, you can make your own bingo card with our blank grid and spare parts.

We’ve included two different bingo boards so that you can play with a friend. You can try it once in your backyard and once in theirs. Do you notice any differences? Did you make any new discoveries? Write them down on the bottom of your bingo card.

Create your own bingo board

Once you make some new discoveries in your backyard, you will be ready to make your own bingo board and challenge a friend. This is a blank card so that you can cut apart our pictures and glue them on the board in any order. Or, you can draw your own pictures. Try to add some of your new discoveries. You can also make some new rules. For example, is the center square a freebie? Then trade boards with a friend and have fun.

Download the PDF below

You’ll get a high-res PDF suitable for printing nice 8.5 x 11″ bingo cards. You will get both color (if available) and black and white versions to make affordable printouts without wasting a lot of ink. Each PDF comes with 3 boards and some spare parts to make your own game. The last board is blank, so you can make your own bingo board. We’ve also included the instructions above and on each board. Thanks. We hope you have fun dreaming, mapping and playing.

Enjoy. Let us know if you have questions or suggestions.
And, please send us pictures of your work!

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Visit Wikipedia, if you’d like to learn more about the history of bingo or the history of scavenger hunts.

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  1. I cannot wait to see the pdf. I would love to share this with our families at school and think they would love it!

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