The an AR image of a Donkeycorn standing on top of the book, "Dream It!"
We've created an AR (augmented reality) app that makes the Donkeycorn, a character from our book "Dream It!" pop-up and dance around. 

Augmented reality for children’s books

We love to experiment, and we are always looking for new ways to bring our books to life. Just recently, technology has made adding interactive features to paper books easy. Try these fun and free AR apps we created.

As you can see from the video below, we’ve begun adding AR (augmented reality) to our book. It’s super fun! Imagine turning a page in the book and having a character jump out, or a movie begins to play, or an interactive game launches. And, all of these features help teach the lessons in the book using different learning styles.

Watch the video (my cat, Furrell, makes a cameo) and try it yourself in the link below.

My first AR (augmented reality) project for our children’s book, and it also happens to be my first video tutorial, where I show readers how to use the app.

This is my first AR (augmented reality) project, and it also happens to be my first video tutorial, where I show readers how to use the app. I’m using the free Adobe Aero app and an iPad. (You can also use an iPhone.) As you can see in the video, when the iPad’s camera sees the image of the book cover, the Donkeycorn pops up. You can also interact with the Donekycorn to make it spin around.

The Donkeycorn character standing on top of the book, Dream It!
Here is a quick animation that shows how you can walk around the book on the table and see a surreal 3D image. You can even pick up the book and carry it around the room with the Donkeycorn standing on top of it.

The Donkeycorn AR app

Here is the link to Download the Donkeycorn AR game. You will be asked to download the Adobe Aero app if you don’t already have it. It’s super easy.

For now, the app only works on iPads and iPhones. The link will prompt you to download Adobe Aero app if you don’t already have it. It’s super easy to do. By the way, you don’t need our book, but it is more fun.

Furrell the cat laying on the floor in the middle of virtual words "Dream It!"
Furrell makes another guest appearance while testing the augmented reality app.

Dream It! AR app

Here’s another fun one. Project the words “Dream it!” on any surface. Then click the button to take a picture or record a movie. It’s easy. You can see Furrell the cat made another guest appearance.

Download this AR activity here:

Stay tuned

We’ll be updating this article with more games as we develop them.

Let us know if you would like us to add more fun surprises to the book.

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