The Make-A-Book Project and author-in-residence program school photographs. Pictured here are all four of the aerial-view school photos. Kids standing in the shape of a bicycle, worm, butterfly and cupcake.


Thank you letters Springer School
Scott Stoll did a talk at Springer School and Center a few weeks ago (2019-10) and today the thank-you notes flooded in. He wasn’t expecting any at all AND it totally shattered his record. He’s only going to read only one per day and savor each and every one. Thanks!!!

One-thousand percent great!

Springer School student. (Acclaim for Scott’s talk.)

All of Scott’s book projects begin with a slideshow about his 4-year journey around the world on a bicycle. Below are some testimonials for both his talks and his book projects.

letter of commendation kindergartener
A letter of commendation from a kindergartener with some creative spelling.
Dear Scout,
I love your terp a rand the word.
~ Elisia

For one brief hour, through Scott’s slides and stories, our students traveled the world and recognized their dreams can come true. Perhaps someday our school will host another traveler sharing his or her tales. But maybe this traveler will be a former student inspired by hearing Scott speak. (Read the whole letter of commendation.)

While I expected your presentation would be interesting, I wasn’t sure how it would be handled by a group of 45 boys, Grades 1-5 (along with siblings, some a bit younger). The answer was found not only by their attentiveness during the presentation but all their questions afterward. In addition, my own sons finished your books the next day, and told me that “all the Scouts were talking about it” at school! (Please read the descriptive letter of commendation.)

Scott has an incredible number of exciting and challenging experiences to be able to share with his audiences. He does a great job of using these experiences as motivational tools for other. Scott will prove a worthwhile message to your group. In addition to hearing his message of dreaming, people will also truly enjoy hearing his story. Please consider Scott as a speaker for your event. (Read the whole letter of commendation.)

His presentation was well-received by students and staff alike. (Read the whole letter of commendation.)

I’m proud to have a constituent who dedicated 4 years of his life to cycling the world. You have a wonderful story to share with the world. And I am pleased that you continue to advocate on behalf of an issue you care deeply about.

That was AWESOME! It is an experience that will last the kids a lifetime. ~

Testimonials for the Make-A-Book Project

That was AWESOME! It is an experience that will last the kids a lifetime… This book project is what the STEM Academy is all about…. it is great having [Scott] as a part of this school. ~

The best reading week we ever had. ~

You’ve made a really big splash in Argentina. Thank you for all your work with the children. ~

Thank you for your generosity. This was an awesome project to collaborate on — one I am sure many students will never forget! ~

I had the amazing opportunity to team up with Scott and make this spontaneous, fun idea a reality. I have seen his story of finding happiness inspire those from 4 years old to 104 years old! Having children bring his words to life with their illustrations became an unexpected, blissful message that has touched the lives of so many people already. When a school and community come together as one, the force is unstoppable and the message is forever evolving. Any child, adult, school, or community is lucky to have Scott Stoll come in and work with them. Scott has a way to spark the imagination of children and help their dreams become reality right in front of them. ~

[This testimonial is about how the book can influence your local community.] We donated “Cayendo Hacia Arriba” to kids at an orphanage [in Paraguay] through a workshop run by (primarily) high school-aged youth who came from all over the country to participate in a leadership/team building/service camp. The idea was for the youth to be inspired by the camp and return to their communities and start doing community projects… I think that doing the literacy project really inspired a lot of the jovenes to try out a similar project in their own communities… The service projects came out in the evaluations as one of the most liked parts of camp! ~ (Read the story.)

I am a substitute teacher in New Berlin and have worked at Poplar Creek for many years. My own children attended school there, so it has a special place in our lives. I was working at Poplar Creek the day you ‘flew’ up to the roof to take the picture of the students. I became one of many spokes on your bicycle that day! I also bought your book because I had heard so much about it and was excited to hear how your project had evolved. Today I received your book, and sat down immediately to enjoy your message and the uninhibited artwork that only children seem capable of! A year ago at this time, I was living with cancer and was just at the beginning of chemo and radiation. I found so many parallels within your bicycle trip story and my own journey, that I felt compelled to send you this note! I am comforted to know that others seek answers to questions about life, and that you also found that the answers come from within. I know I am a stronger person for finding that faith and belief in myself! May you experience continued blessings and wizardry in your future! You have certainly touched my life by sharing your story! Thanks so much!! ~

Thank you. I just finished reading “Falling Uphill” with tears streaming down my face. It’s beautifully written and illustrated. You are an inspiration. ~

What an amazing adventure and story for children (and adults)! Truly the book is so amazing to share with children! My daughter didn’t want me to stop reading until we finished it in one sitting. It will definitely be our topic of conversation when talking about trying new things and following our dreams. Thanks for sharing your story and allowing a small New Berlin school to be a part of the journey. ~

[My son] really enjoys drawing and creating. We were so excited to hear that his drawing was chosen. This was a great opportunity for the kids at Poplar Creek. It was truly wonderful of you to share your time and talent with them. What a great memory and keepsake for the elementary school. Thank you. ~

We loved the book! [My daughter] told me all about the book signing, she was really excited about it. What a wonderful experience you’ve given these kids! One they’ll never forget…. ~

We both read Falling Uphill immediately and were spellbound by it. This is truly a masterpiece. You put your heart and soul into this book and truly revealed your inner self in a way that a child can understand. And every page I look deeper into your inner self through a child’s eyes. Just marvelous! We both can’t rave enough. The illustrations are priceless, and how you fit all the pieces together. We both wish we had enough money to supply a whole school with them. The dreams you will instill in those children… I remember as a child renting from a small bookstore in my home town [in Germany] an American novel about the wild west and look where it brought me! As you well know, without dreams there is no future and we are in stalemate — and you reveal that in your book. ~

Thank you for being such an inspiration to our children.

I would just like to thank you for bringing this adventure to my child’s school. It was very exciting for them to be able to experience something like this. ~

Thanks for the link to your recent interview on WPR. I listened to both programs and again, I am amazed at the wonderful information you had both about your journey, but also about the work you do with the schools in writing your books. You are really talented. We are really looking forward to your visit with us. ~ People to People

[My son] very much enjoyed working on this project and this is going to be a special surprise for him to receive a book.

And many more…

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