Vamos Chicas, a young girls club pose in front of a scenic Paraguay mountiain.
Vamos Chicas, a young girls club in Paraguay, helped by Peace Corp volunteers, pose with their flag, books and a sign that says, "Gracias," meaning "Thank you" in Spanish.

Vamos Chicas Vamos

Vamos Chicas Paraguay Peace Corp-12
The Peace Corps girls club, Vamos Chicas, talking to the author Scott Stoll on Skype.

As you may know, the Spanish edition of my “Falling Uphill” kids book “Cayendo Hacia Arriba” that we created in Argentina as the Cultural Ambassador is being used by the Peace Corp in Paraguay to help teach kids how to read, write and dream.

Above the kids display their books, pictures of their dreams, a thank-you sign, and the Paraguay Flag. Below, the kids speak with the author (me) about their dreams. They especially loved meeting Oliver, my green cheeks conure that was sitting on my shoulder. He comes from South America also. The Peace Corp program director, Molly wrote: “Vamos Chicas Vamos skyping with Scott Stoll about his book. Even though the whole thing was translated and they were all too scared to talk they still cited that moment as one of their favorites of the whole club!”


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