Todd Hall Elementary elephant sculpture
An elephant sculpture made out of recyclable laundry detergent bottles. That's a lot of loads of laundry for one school.

An elephant-sized lesson in recycling

Last week I got to visit a school in the Chicago area to discuss a potential make-a-book project about recycling.

The art teacher Ms. Holly, of Todd Hall Elementary School, thought of making an elephant sculpture out of recyclable laundry detergent bottles. This is a great, life-sized example of just how much stuff we use — most of it, unfortunately, doesn’t get recycled. Here we see the elephant without his ears and half a nose. They estimate finishing it by the end of the school year.

The principal also took about 45 minutes out of her busy schedule to discuss doing a children’s book with their school next year. I’m excited because Ms. Holly is very creative and I think this would be a good project for the budding artists here.


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Scott Stoll

Scott Stoll

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