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Highlights of news, works-in-progress and hints about what's coming soon.

Once, you have a dream, you need a map. This article is like a map of where we plan to go with our website and books. Thanks for joining us on this journey.

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Feel Your Feelings — Our next book


Feel Your Feelings emojis

Our next book — FEEL YOUR FEELINGS — will be published by Magination Press. Thank you. Magination Press has been great champions of our work, and champions for children’s mental health and well-being. For the latest news of this book, visit the Feel Your Feelings homepage.

Recent Highlights

April 2021

  • It’s official. Cincinnati Public Schools will be using “Dream It!” as part of their social-emotional tools. Not only is this a big win for us, but it is a big win for social-emotional development, and a big win for the students. Triple yay!

January 2021

  • As you can see above, our next book, FEEL YOUR FEELINGS, is coming soon.
  • Free downloadable Dream Bubbles, now online.
  • We know there is not a lot of new stuff on the website lately, but, as always, we are working hard behind the scenes.

November 2020

  • If you saw our post about a giveaway to help homeschoolers during the pandemic. We “sold” out instantly. And our website broke. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you missed out, we have a lot more free downloadables on our website to keep you busy, while being both fun and educational.
  • It’s been challenging times for us all. And hope to have big news soon.

September 2020

  • The book launches in Cincinnati Public Schools. But there are some COVID-19 delays.
  • Our homeschool SEL curriculum launches. Now with guidelines for working virtually.
  • And more exciting news coming soon.

August 2020

July 2020

  • Great news!!! Our latest dream research project has been published in a peer-review, scientific journal at Springer Link.
  • The “Dream it! Playbook” is set to launch in Cincinnati Public Schools this fall, but we are working on a contingency plan if the kids are going to be homeschooled.

May 2020

  • We hope everyone is happy and healthy during these challenging times. Now is a good time to dream about what the future might hold.

April 2020

Map It! — The Sequel

The book covers for our Dream It!, Map It! and Play It! featuring 3 different characters, hats and buttons.
A first peek at the trilogy of books that we just submitted to our publisher Magination Press. It teaches kids how to dream and how to turn dreams into reality. Our first book, "Dream It!" teaches kids how to find their passion and set a feasible goal. The upcoming book, "Map It!" teaches kids how to plan their dream using the 5 W's. And the final book, "Play It!" teaches kids how to live their dream and overcome obstacles like fear and doubt.

We drove to Chicago to meet with our publisher Magination Press. And we presented the with three new book ideas! Pictured here is the world’s first glimpse to the sequel of Dream It! Rounding out our formula for turning dreams into reality, we have Map It! which will be all about planning your dream, and Play It! which will be all about living your dream and overcoming obstacles like fear and doubt.

And, believe it or not, we presented them with a third fun book to teach kids how to feel their feelings. If you have been following us, you know that we believe feelings are like the wind in your sails, the fuel in your engine, and the passion to power your dreams. Hopefully, we can reveal this book in our next newsletter. 

Coming Soon

Our dream to teach kids how to dream keeps on growing! Which is good, we’re not going to run out of fun stuff anytime soon. Here are a few things that are floating to the top of our to-do list, in other words, dreams that we have promoted to full-fledged goals:
  • The sequel — Map it! Stay tuned for stories about how we make the book. And free games to test the new content. Above see the trilogy we just presented to our publisher, Magination Press.
  • A birthday party game pack. How fun would a new dream be as a birthday present!?
  • Hopefully, this fall will be launching a new card game on Kickstarter. This will teach valuable goal-setting concepts and by learning through play and having lots of fun those concepts will become lifelong strategies.
  • And more… We have hundreds of dreams in the queue — that’s no exaggeration!

Chinese Translation

We are super excited to announce that “Dream It!: A Playbook to Spark Your Awesomeness” will be translated into Simplified Chinese by Hunan Education Publishing House Branch. Coming March 2021.

Coming soon! "Dream it!" will be translated into Simplified Chinese

Previous Highlights

February 2020

  • We’ve met with Cincinnati Public Schools many times. And today, we are proud to announce that we have the approval to begin using the book in the classroom. Authors Sara and Scott will be presenting to about 50 social workers in charge of social-emotional programming at their corresponding schools to see if it is a good fit. Keep your fingers crossed. PS. Getting the support of CPS, potential funding and, not least of all, time in the schools is a huge HUGE win. We credit our success to the evidence-based research Dr Sara and her colleagues have been doing.

January 2020

  • The Dream Workshop is now online. It’s FREE to download.
  • The Dream Workshop research study is done. And, we’re proud to announce that it was a success! The Dream Workshop has proven to increase self-confidence and be effective for groups.

December 2019

  • The results are in for our Dream Workshop research project with the University of Cincinnati. We have a statistically significant increase in children’s confidence that they can make their dreams a reality! We’ll be posting the whole study soon.
  • Giving Tuesday is here. For every book purchased during the holiday season, we’ll be giving one away to a child in need.
  • The Dream Workshop data is being crunched.

November 2019

  • Drs Sara, Farrah and Carli are finishing up a research paper for publication. Spoiler alert — Dream it! is proven to increase optimistic thinking yet again, as well as grit and growth mindset.
  • Our new research project has been running for two months now. We’ve partnered with the University of Cincinnati again to study whether our new Dream Workshop works. Community professors Sara and Scott already spent two days in the classroom training the facilitators.

October 2019

September 2019

August 2019

  • “Dream It!” was chosen by the Reading Is Fundamental organization as part of their Social-Emotional Learning Collection.
  • New puzzle creator in Games.
  • We meet with our publisher Magination Press this month to present not one but three new book ideas. Keep your fingers crossed!
  • The Dream Workshop v2 will be online by the end of the month. Whew! It’s busy around here.
  • More previous highlights below.

July 2019

  • We’re proud to announce that we will be conducting another research project with the University of Cincinnati this fall. More details to come.
  • In conjunction with World Vision, we’re developing a new workshop that teaches all 3 steps of our process. This will be a great resource for everyone that finished “Dream it!” and are ready to begin mapping and playing their dreams.

June 2019

  • We have a new Bucket List Notepad in the store. Now you’ll never run out of room for dreams.
  • We’re working on a rough draft of “Map it!” to show our publisher Magination Press in August. So, we’re very busy!

April 2019

  • Ooh! Big surprise! “Dream it!” will be translated into simplified Chinese. Thanks. Magination Press team.
  • We’re talking with World Vision about implementing “Dream it!” in Central and South America. Such an exciting opportunity!

March 2019

  • We had a meeting with the superintendent and assistant superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools and —good news! — they’re interested in implementing “Dream it!” into one of their programs. Of course, there are still a lot of hurdles, but we’re getting to be good hurdlers. Imagine a world full of kids that have the hope and grit to live their dreams. Keep your fingers crossed.

February 2019

January 2019

  • We have a new inspirational Dream Showcase. Please send us your dream to help inspire the world.
  • We’re working on a Bucket List notepad and more. See Coming Soon below.

December 2018

November 2018

  • Our third FREE game is here! Dream Thought Bubbles. A fun and easy game for a younger audience.

October 2018

  • Our second free game is here: Awards. Earn your dream rank from Newbie to Awesome!
  • The new Facilitator Guide for both teachers and parents is finished! Also coming soon is a guide for healthcare professionals. Please contact us to get on the waiting list.

September 2018

June 2018

  • Dream It! is published!!! And our website goes live!!!


  • We found a publisher. More edits!
  • Multiple rounds of revisions and testing the book in school classrooms.


  • Work on the Dream Playbook begins!!!


  • Sara meets Scott and the dream for a book about teaching kids how to dream is born.
Dream It! makes its debut in the Magination Press booth at the NYC Book Expo 2018


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