Worksheet Combo Pack

Get all our printer-friendly worksheets for only $1 dollar. 33 new pages of content. These activities expand one small step each. By the way, to learn the whole process, please purchase our book, Dream It! This is a PDF digital download. 

This PDF digital download is a great deal! The Dream Workshop alone took months to create and test in real-world classrooms. And the Mental Health Checkup & Toolkit has been used by hundreds of organizations. Each of these activities expands one small step of turning dreams into reality. To learn the whole process, please purchase our book, Dream It! Let us know what you think. The best pages will get put into the new book. Get ’em now, while you can.

Instructions: Just pick your favorite game or activity. Print out the worksheets. Most have a printer-friendly, black and white version. There are simple instructions on each page. For more in-depth instructions, please see the corresponding activity on our website.

Included in this pack are:
Mental Health Checkup & Toolkit (English and Español)
The Dream Workshop
How to fall uphill
Dream bubbles
Bingo Scavenger Hunt
Don’t break the chain
Bridge the gap


Disclaimer: Each of these activities is available for free on their corresponding pages, but you have to download them individually. For only $1, you get the convenience have them all in one place. Plus, your dollar helps support our work.

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Step #3: Play it! Take a step of action to make your dreams real.

Take a step of action to help make dreams come true.

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