Set of Scott’s children’s books in English

Get a complete set of Scott’s children’s chapter books in English. (Note: The Spanish edition of Falling Uphill is sold separately.) Order now and save 20%. Plus get all the books shipped to you for the price of one.


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These books were part of the Make-A-Book Project. All the stories are both educational and inspirational. The stories are written by Scott and illustrated by elementary students and jam-packed with fun surprises and suggested activities. The black and white pages leave plenty of room so children can add their own drawings and colors.

Included in this bundle is:

Falling Uphill: The Secret of Life. Falling Uphill is the true story about a man who bicycles around the world questing for the secret of life. His journey is full of many wonders, but he eventually returns home discouraged. Only then does he discover the secret in the last place left to look. More info.

Mirabella the Monarch’s Magical Migration. Every year the monarch butterflies undertake the most amazing migration on Earth. Over the course of four generations, they travel from Canada to Mexico and back. This is an educational story about their challenging journey and the inspirational story of how one generation can inspire the next to make the world a better place. More info.

Ruby the Red Worm’s Dirty Job. A humorous and educational introduction to composting and the essential role worms serve in the ecosystem. More importantly, it is a story about living a life of passion despite life’s bullies — even if it means eating dirt! More info.

The Cupcake Boy. Nickolas Kandy makes the most beautiful and tasty cupcakes in the world; however, the villagers take the boy for granted. So disheartened, he leaves his home wondering: “Why should I bake cupcakes for a world that doesn’t love me?” More info.

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