Learning how the education system works

If you’ve been reading our website, you’ve learned that we spent a great deal of effort learning educational theory, cognitive development and psychological theory, and combining it all with our own life experiences to form a comprehensive, evidence-based process for learning how to dream and turn those dreams into reality. However, one aspect of the book that is not apparent by reading it is all the work we’ve done learning how to work within the bureaucracy of the school system, connecting with community leaders and implementing educational programs.

In short, having an awesome book doesn’t fulfill our goals if there is no feasible way to implement it.

We’ve worked with about two dozen groups. As one example, pictured above Scott attends a focus group on  “powering up” our Community Learning Centers by strengthening our neighborhood partnerships, hosted by the Northside Education Committee, Cincinnati Public Schools and Board of education, and led by StriveTogether.

Scott has been a member of the Northside Education Committee for over 5 years. Their mission has been to promote, design and implement educational programs that serve the needs of schools and students in our local community. They achieve this by connecting the schools with local resources, facilitating the teachers and empowering the students.

We’ve done a lot of great work, and has been an even bigger learning experience.

Below is a picture of Scott’s favorite part of being on the Education Committee — Teacher Appreciation Day! Last year, Scott helped donate and deliver 100 books and coffee mugs to the three local schools, one for every teacher and classroom.

Scott donates his book to local schools

Pictured above, Scott signs copies of his inspirational children’s book, The Cupcake Boy.


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Scott Stoll

Scott Stoll

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