Emoji memory matching game
Concentration, also known as Memory, is a card game in which all of the cards are laid face down and the object is to turn over pairs of matching cards.

Emoji Memory Game and Charades

We made a fun emoji variation of the classic card game—Memory. And these same cards can be used to play another family favorite—Charades.

You can download the PDF below. You may recognize these emojis from our award-winning book Feel Your Feelings, but you don’t need to own the book to play this free game.

Memory, also known as Concentration, is a classic card game to help develop a strong memory. It’s a particularly good game for kids, though adults may find it challenging as well. It can be played with friends and family or alone as a game of solitaire.

Memory Rules

In this simple game, the cards are laid face down and two cards are flipped face up each turn. The object is to turn over pairs of matching cards.

Any deck of cards may be used. We made a special deck of 24 cards with twelve pairs of different emojis from our book. We added a surprise emoji that you’ll be sure to always remember.

Arrange the cards into a nice grid on the floor or table. For an extra challenge, you can spread the cards all over the room in fun places.

Each turn one player turns two cards face up. If they are a matching pair, like the Silly emojis in the picture above, that player wins the round and can go again. If the cards don’t match, they are turned face down, and it is the next player’s turn. The challenge is to remember where all the cards are located.

The game ends when the last pair has been picked up, and the winner is the person with the most pairs. There may also be a tie.

Charades Rules

With this same deck of cards, you can play charades or reverse charades. 

Place the cards face down. One player chooses a card and acts out the emotion. All the other players try to guess the emotion. Take turns and keep score or just play for fun. 

Or you could try reverse charades. Where one player has an emotion stuck to the forehead (they can’t see it) and everyone else has to act it out. 

Emoji matching game and charades

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Feel Your Feelings book cover. By Scott Stoll and Sara E. Williams. Published by Magination Press.

Feel Your Feelings

Feel Your Feelings, introduces children to basic emotions with fun poems that they can act out from head to toe. They will learn that emotions are our friends. Some emotions show us what we love, others protect us from harm, and all of them put together, like colors on an artist’s palette, paint a beautiful picture of life. More info

Hardcover or eBook
By Scott Stoll and Sara E. Williams PhD.
Published by Magination Press.

Learn more about the game of Memory.

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