Dream Bubbles Game
Dream Bubbles Activity. Can you guess the dreams (motivation) or dreamers of these common objects?

Dream Bubbles

A student draw's the bee's dream as honey, and a flower's dream of having a friend
Here’s an example of how one student imagined their dream bubbles. This is one page of four.

A fun and easy game for a younger audience

The Dream Bubbles (or thought bubbles) activity teaches kids how to visualize a dream, idea or goal for both themself and others. It will help improve their ability to sympathize with others, even if their motivation (dream) isn’t apparent. Sympathy is a key skill of social awareness.

Ages and audience

This activity is designed for Pre-K and older. And, as always, we believe adults will learn something about themselves as well as their children. Parents and teachers alike may find this activity useful. We believe it’s also the perfect activity for homeschool pods.


The Dream Bubbles game is super easy to play — there are no wrong answers.

Kids will be asked to draw the dreams of various objects, like a bee, whose dream might be a flower or honey. The four pages get progressively more difficult. On the last page, children are asked to draw a picture of themselves and their own dream, which will make a nice keepsake.

On the first page, you will be challenged to draw or write the dreams of the different dreamers. On the second page, you will be asked to draw the dream or dreamer, whichever is missing. On the third page, you can make up both the dream and dreamers. Finally and most importantly, on the last page, you get to draw your own dream.

Play with a friend

If you play along with a friend or family member, you’ll be surprised at the different answers you will each find. Try it without peeking at your friend’s answers.

Discussion (group share)

We believe is an important aspect of any game or activity. It gives us a chance to improve our skills and understanding of others.

Dream thought bubbles
A closeup of the Dream Bubbles activity. Can you draw a dream for each of these things?

Download below.

Download: Dream bubbles

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