If you could do anything, what would you do? Flying bicycle and cat.

Dream Showcase

Benefits of sharing your dream

There are two big benefits to sharing your dream: 1) You may inspire someone with a new dream, like to invent clean energy or write the next great novel or simply smile. 2) It counts as a step of action to help make your dream real! And, who knows, you might inspire someone with a matching dream to join yours. So, while you’re here, take a moment to wish our dreamers big success. 

How to share your dream

To make it easier to share the inspiration, we’re now posting all our dreams on Instagram. You can post your dream, too. Tag your dream #dreamaplay. Or email us your dream and we’ll post it for you, and we may showcase it here as well.

A couple favorite dreams

A girl wearing a purple outfit drinking a purple ice cream shake
On the left is a dream from one of our biggest fans. There are lots of learning styles (visual, spatial, intrapersonal, etc.) but why isn’t taste one of them? Likewise, we’ve also heard of people describe their what their dream feels like or looks like, but this is the first time we’ve heard what a dream tastes like. This little girl has a lot to teach us.!

Dear Auntie and Uncle, Thank you so much for the lovely "Dream it" book! Personally, I have not started "the dream quest," but [my sister] has. She has been begging me to, and I probably will this weekend. I am her official Dream Advisor, and I must say the exercises are very fun. Your friend [the author] is so talented! The Personalization in the beginning is perfect. The pin is super fun as well! I don't look like the cover girl with it, however. 🙂 See ya, Soon.

Dreams from our Instagram feed

To make it easier to share the inspiration, we’re now posting all our dreams on Instagram. Email us your dream and we’ll post it for you. Or, tag your dream #dreamaplay on Instagram or Facebook.

More dreams from our fans