Dream it! Map it! Play it! Games to teach you how to turn dreams into reality. The sandbox where you play out your ideas to see if they work.

Facilitator’s Guide

For teachers, therapists, workshop leaders and parents.

Dream It Playbook Facilitator-Guide for teachers and parents
An example of the page-by-page breakdown of Dream it!
The Facilitator Guide includes a session-by-session breakdown. Each page has a summary of the concept and suggestions of how to instruct the students.
Important note: You don’t need the facilitator’s guide. The book is designed to be self-explanatory for children to complete independently. However, if you are a teacher, healthcare professional, or homeschool parent that wants to implement the book in a professional setting or over a set period of time — this guide is for you.
Update: Version 6. Now including a section for health care professionals with suggested activities for challenges like anxiety and depression. Facilitating the Dream It! Playbook is easy because the Playbook is designed to be self-explanatory. That being said, this guide gives advice on how to implement the Dream It! Playbook as a curriculum in your classroom, after-school program, workshop, or individually, such as tutoring, homeschooling or therapeutic activities. We offer solutions to break the book into different periods of time that can be delivered across:
  • an afternoon,
  • a few days,
  • a few weeks,
  • one semester,
  • or, ideally, an entire school year (1 day per week).
We also summarize the concepts page by page. And, we give lots of suggestions for working with children, getting unstuck and maximizing dream potential. This guide is based on our research projects with the University of Cincinnati in YMCA After School Programs and Cincinnati Public Schools using the Dream It! Playbook, which is scientifically proven to increase optimistic thinking by as much as 22%.

Thank you!

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Enjoy and let us know if you have questions or suggestions and — of course — send us pictures or quotes of your dreams!