Dream It! Debuts in NYC

Thanks for your support, everyone. It has been a great debut for our new book “Dream it!” We were surprised to earn Amazon’s “#1 New Release” in the “Dreams” category. Hopefully, that is a foothold in having the book go mainstream and change the world. We really do think that if the next generation of kids all have inspirational dreams, the world will inevitably become an awesome place.

We also set some other records:

  • Amazon’s #1 New Release in the “Dreams” category.
  • Ranked as the #5  New Release in Children’s Emotions
  • Ranked #8 overall in Dreams.
  • Broke the 10,000 mark in overall Amazon book sales of any title. (There are tens of millions of books.)
  • We sold out Amazon’s stock.
  • That doesn’t even count all the people ordering direct from the publisher or other bookstores.
Dream it! Ranks as Amazon's #1 New Release in Dreams category
Happening all week “Dream It! A Playbook to Spark Your Awesomeness” is on display front and center at the Magination Press booth at the NYC Book Expo 2018. Please stop by. Or wish us luck! 

Pictured above “Dream It!” is on display front and center at the Magination Press booth at the NYC Book Expo 2018. And look what showed up in the mail yesterday — the Magination Press 2018 catalog featuring our very own Donkeycorn. We’re thinking we should make a plushy. We’re thinking we should make a plushy. Ooh. We’re also thinking of making a Snapchat Donkeycorn filter. 

Look what came in the mail today. The new 2018 Magination Press catalog!

Countdown until the new book releases! Pre-order now!

Our first book Dream It! is all about finding a dream — the hardest and most important step. But we won’t leave you hanging there. Soon well post resources for mapping (planning) and playing (doing). Get it? Dream Map Play — Dreamaplay! Meanwhile, the website got bigger than anticipated, which is good. We’re not going to run out of fun stuff anytime soon.

More stuff coming soon

Below are the best ideas that have floated to the top our list. In other words, dreams that we have promoted to full-fledged goals. We have hundreds more dreams in the queue — that’s no exaggeration.

  • An Easter Egg hunt for the book.
  • An FAQ with the authors and publisher Magination Press.
  • A facilitator guide for teachers.
  • A patient guide for health care providers.
  • A new social media game: Collect the pieces to a puzzle and win a prize.
  • A fun card game, Go Wish, to teach kids (and adults) some dream concepts and how to cooperate.
  • More fun pencil and paper games for kids.
  • And lot of opportunities to share your dreams…
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