glow show spider
The Glow Show. A paper mache spider illuminated in black light.

Butterfly Project Updates

There has been a lot of progress happening with the monarch butterfly book and all the related projects. Here are a few highlights, including the mosaic wall by PTO co-president and artist, Kate Demske, called “Faces of Parker Woods Montessori Self-Portrait Mural” with drawings by kids made into 4×4″ tiles. This isn’t about the book project, but Kate was kind enough to donate a few drawings of butterflies and an inspirational quote that didn’t get included in the book. Also another favorite project: art teacher Suzanne Nall’s Glow Show. This fantastic black light, bigger than life, butterfly garden. An amazing art show by Suzanne Nall and the students that looked like an alien world. You truly had to be there to believe it. And there was so much more. I was so busy making the book that I didn’t have time to document all the amazing projects.

More highlights below

A corner of the room at the Glow Show showing a fun butterfly.
Another butterfly paper mâche sculpture — or is it a dragonfly?
A display about the biology of the monarch butterfly, its migration path, and microscopes showing butterfly wings with scales that look like teeth.
One of several science fair displays about monarch butterflies.
Here is a low-resolution picture of the butterfly section of a giant mosaic tile wall. These are a few nice drawings that didn’t fit in the book, plus a variation of the cover with my favorite inspirational quote, “If you could do anything, what would you do?” In this case, a caterpillar dreams of becoming a butterfly.
Here is what all the tiles looked like when they just arrived and are still in the bubble wrap.
March Reading Madness. Pictured here is the tournament, but not pictured is the Around the World by Book Reading Passport that I helped create. I didn’t have time to track it down and take a picture.

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