The book covers for our Dream It!, Map It! and Play It! featuring 3 different characters, hats and buttons.

Map It!

UPDATE: The good news is that we will be posting new pages for Map It! here, so that you can test the material ASAP. But, unfortunately, our publisher has postponed the sequel. With the pandemic and schools closing it has been a tough time for us all. 

Everything you need to turn dreams into reality!

Above is a first peek at the trilogy of books that we just submitted to our publisher Magination Press. It teaches kids how to dream and how to turn dreams into reality. Our first book, “Dream It!” teaches kids how to find their passion and set a feasible goal. The upcoming book, “Map It!” teaches kids how to plan their dream using the 5 W’s. And the final book, “Play It!” teaches kids how to live their dream and overcome obstacles like fear and doubt. 

We drove to Chicago to meet with our publisher Magination Press. And we presented the with three new book ideas! Pictured here is the world’s first glimpse to the sequel of Dream It! Rounding out our formula for turning dreams into reality, we have Map It! which will be all about planning your dream, and Play It! which will be all about living your dream and overcoming obstacles like fear and doubt.

And, believe it or not, we presented them with a third fun book to teach kids how to feel their feelings. If you have been following us, you know that we believe feelings are like the wind in your sails, the fuel in your engine, and the passion to power your dreams. Hopefully, we can reveal this book in our next newsletter. 

We can’t promise anything yet as we wait for confirmation from our publisher. We can say, though, we’ve been working on the sequels for a long time. Stay tuned and you may get to help us test some content for the new books. If you’ve already completed Dream It and are ready for the next step, please give our Dream Workshop a try.

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