Birthday Party

A colorful, when-pigs-fly birthday cake with a candle.
For a dream-themed, birthday party, Kendra made this flying pig cake. It’s a character in our book.

What better present birthday present can you give than a dream? On their birthdays, authors Sara and Scott like to evaluate their life plan and add new dreams to their bucket list. In fact, studies show that life milestones, like birthdays, rank high on almost everybody’s Bucket List, so why not make it a big one! And, it is a great way to reduce sugary foods and plastic toys as the normal party favors.

Below is our first activity we’ve put online, How To Make A Dreamcatcher. We’ll have more soon.

Dream It! A playbook to spark your awesomeness!
Reduce sugary foods and plastic toys — “Dream it!” makes the perfect party favor. And the gift of a dream lasts a lifetime.

Party supplies

Since quantities vary, please contact us to order a birthday party package. We offer 30% off the regular price.

  • Books
  • Buttons
  • Downloadables and activity suggestions, like “How to make a dreamcatcher” and “Pin the tail on the Donkeycorn.”
  • A special birthday card from the authors.
  • And more surprises.

How to make a dreamcatcher

A fun arts & crafts project for schools, families and friends. Follow the steps to create your own dreamcatcher to capture your dream before it gets away. Read the step-by-step instructions on how to make your own dreamcatcher.

Make your own dreamcatchers. Five examples using arts and crafts materials: paper plates, yarn, paint, feathers, beads, stickers, markers.
Dreamcatchers arts and crafts project using paper plates, yarn, paint, feathers, beads, stickers, markers, photographs and whatever else you want.

Cincinnati Birthday Parties at the Toy Lab

If you live in the Cincinnati area, we can help host Dream Workshop Birthday Party with more activities like Pin The Tail On The Donkeycorn and our Dream Button Making Machine. We can even partner with the Toy Lab to host your party. (Scott’s a toy professor in his spare time.) The Toy Lab upcycles old unloved and broken toys, so kids can make brand new creations using the power of their mind and imagination. Contact us for more details.

The toy professors and their students
Scott is a toy professor at Happen’s Toy Lab. Here the student’s show off the toys they build “with the power of their own imagination.” We also host birthday parties.

Make a wish come true.

We’ve thrown a few celebrations already. Look at this fun birthday cake! It’s a flying pig. To us, it means that even if you don’t always believe it, even if it seems unlikely, dreams can come true. Now — make a wish!

How-to Dream Activites

We have more ideas coming, like Pin the Tail on the Donkeycorn. You can also see some of our button making activities and fancy cakes below.

Dream Workshop and Dream Party. Pictured are parents and kids making buttons and doing brain games.
This is from our book launch party. Parents and kids are making buttons about their dreams and playing brain games. Soon, the room will be at maximum capacity and that donkeycorn cake in the background will disappear in a matter of minutes.
A cake that is a donkey dressed up as a unicorn holding a book that is another cake made out of Rice Krispie treats.
Believe it or not, this is a yummy cake! This was to celebrate our book launch and was the most amazing cake any of us have ever seen. You can see that it is a character from our book. It’s the donkeycorn — a donkey dressed up as a unicorn. In his hoof, he’s holding our book. This is actually another cake made out of Rice Krispies treats with the cover being printed using edible inks.