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OPA Review Book Review of DreamIt!

Book Review by the Ohio Psychological Association

Dream It! A book review by the Ohio Psychological Association. Dreams, inspiration, creativity, passion, and imagination. In a fast-paced world where children face the pressures of standardized tests, lack downtime due to full schedules, and swap quiet time with technology, are these lost concepts?

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3D cake sculpture of the main character in the "Dream It! Playbook" and the authors Sara E. Williams and Scott Stoll
Dream Heroes

A cake decorator’s dream come true

…And ours too! We’re excited to post this story about one of the most surprising gifts we ever received. We had to sit at a table with our eyes closed waiting for what could have been anything. But it was a 3D bust of the main character of our book — and, believe it or not — it is a chocolate cake.

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