Easter Egg Hunt

Answer key

We’re glad to see you back. We hope you enjoyed our bonus activity for Dream It! Was it hard? Did you find something we missed? If so, send us a message and we’ll post your answer below.

(PS. If you got here by accident, please get the PDF download in our games section.)

Easter Egg Hunt Game for "Dream it!"


Starfish: Pages 36, 50, 60, and there are 2 on page 61. The reason there are so many starfish is to show you that dreams can be built from many little things. First, you put the dream (starfish, sea glass, etc.)  in your bucket, then you sort out everything in your bucket, only keeping the best dreams, and finally, using all the parts, you build a new, unique-to-you dream.
Buckets: Pages 6, 37, 36, 53, 61, 66 x 2 and 69.
Bicycles: Pages 4, 9, 15, 21, 25 and 67.
Pigs: Pages 5, 20, 76 x 3 and 79.

Things that can fly:

  1. Clouds: There are clouds on lots of pages.
  2. Biplane: Page 5.
  3. Da Vinci’s flying machine: Page 7.
  4. Birds (page 76) and feathers (pages 3, 27, 38).
  5. Pig with wings: Page 20.
  6. People: Page 21. (Scott accidentally went flying/falling for a very, very short time. He also went parachuting and parasailing. Fun!)
  7. Flying fish: Page 31.
  8. Spaceships: Pages 47 and 79.
  9. Butterflies: There are 15 butterflies on page 52.
  10. House Fly: Page 53.
  11. Dragon: It’s hiding behind the sandcastle on page 60.
  12. Hot air balloon: Page 76.
  13. Bonus, you might have found the word kite, which is another thing that can fly.

Eggs: Pages 8, 22, 23, and the PDF itself. Did you recognize the egg wearing Groucho glasses?
Find a place where Sara and Scott have been. You can see “Sara + Scott were here” written on the signpost on page 63.
What does the button say? There is a button on the cover and on the acknowledgments page. It can be read in many ways. Most people think it says, “Because I love to dream.” But Scott and Sara think it says, “I love to dream because I love to dream…” on and on it goes forever.
What is the hidden message on the cover? The filament of the lightbulb says, “Aha!”
Magic hats: On the cover and pages 10 and 33. There is also a wannabe magic hat on page 53, and maybe you found one in the word search on page 33.
Donkeys: Pages 24, 33 and 68.

Extra words in the word search on page 33: 

  1. Faith.
  2. Worry.
  3. Donkey.
  4. Magic Hat (two separate words).
  5. And a lot more tiny words.

And the super secret surprise. There are lots of other little surprises. Maybe you found another message inside the lightbulb on page 10. Maybe you found Good Night Moon or some magic hats. Or maybe you found something not even we noticed. (Hopefully, it’s not a mistake. Ugh!) Let us know if you find something interesting, and we’ll add it to this list and give you credit.

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