The US Embassy of Argentina delivering books to a local school.
The ambassador of the United States, Vilma Martinez, and Press Attaché, Shannon Farrell, [center] developed a program with the objective of promoting the personal and professional development of children living in vulnerable contexts. Also pictured are Director Javier Canepa and the professors and staff of Escuela Pública Nro. 3 “Arturo Marasso”, Escuela Nº 26 "Dardo Rocha" and Escuela Nº 13 "Armada Argentina.

Ambassador Martinez visits Fuerte Apache school

Update: The below article originally appeared on the embassy. It has since been archived. Further below, you can read about the same event as written by the local newspaper Infobae.

Ambassador Vilma Martinez visited a school at “Fuerte Apache” to share an activity with the students and encourage personal and professional development among children who live in vulnerable conditions, on December 1st.

“Just as Scott followed a path across the world on his bicycle in search of his dream, and just as I confronted the obstacles in my life in search of mine, you are also on a path all your own,” said Ambassador Martinez during her visit to “Fuerte Apache” neighborhood.

The Ambassador visited School No 3 Arturo Marasso in “Fuerte Apache” in the district of Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires Province to present Scott Stoll’s book “Cayendo hacia arriba”, illustrated by students from Buenos Aires, Chaco and Corrientes. Students from School No 26 Dardo Rocha and School No 13 Armada Argentina also participated in the event.  

A Wisconsin native, Stoll visited the schools in September and offered drawing sessions for the students. Some of those illustrations were included in the Spanish version of his book “Cayendo Hacia Arriba”. The book describes Scott’s experiences during his world bike tour and conveys a message of self-improvement through a physical and spiritual journey.

After giving brief remarks during her visit to School No 3, Ambassador Martinez presented copies of the recently published book and chatted with the children who shared their life experiences with her.

Primary Education Director of the Province of Buenos Aires María de las Mercedes González, education authorities and the teachers and student’s families also participated in the event.


Here is another version of the above story on Infobae. The Ambassador of the United States Vilma Martinez visits the neighborhood of Carlos Tevez.

Another Update: I’m so surprised and honored to discover this photo below! (I was just searching for broken links to my website.)

This was part of a slideshow that showcased events and activities developed during Ambassador Vilma Martinez’s term in Argentina. Our Make-A-Book Project was a school outreach program where we made a Spanish children’s edition of Falling Uphill (Cayendo Hacia Arriba). I was the Cultural Ambassador and it was and forever will be one of the highlights of my life.

The Ambassador is pictured delivering the books to local schools. And, the young lady is getting a certificate of achievement for participating. And in the background, you can see a map of my trip around the world!

US Ambassador Vilma Martínez visiting the neighborhood of Carlos Tevez and the school of Fuerte Apache
The United States Ambassador Vilma Martínez visiting the neighborhood of Carlos Tevez and the school of Fuerte Apache to deliver our book “Cayendo Hacia Arriba” and certificates of achievement.

La Embajadora Martinez visitó una escuela pública en Fuerte Apache para entregar libros del autor Scott Stoll

En español:

Embajadora Martínez visita escuela en Fuerte Apache

“Como Scott siguió su camino por el mundo en bicicleta detrás de su sueño o como yo, que enfrenté los obstáculos que se me presentaron en la vida para cumplir mi sueño… ustedes también siguen un camino que ustedes mismos crean y es sólo de ustedes,” sostuvo la Embajadora Martínez durante su visita al Fuerte Apache.

La Embajadora de los Estados Unidos, Vilma S. Martínez participó de una actividad junto a alumnos de una escuela en Fuerte Apache con el objetivo de promover el desarrollo personal y profesional de chicos que viven en contextos vulnerables.

Con motivo de la entrega del libro de Scott Stoll, “Cayendo Hacia Arriba,” el cual cuenta con ilustraciones de chicos de Buenos Aires, Chaco y Corrientes, la Embajadora visitó la Escuela No 3, Arturo Marasso, en Fuerte Apache, Partido de Tres de Febrero. Los alumnos de la Escuela No 26, Dardo Rocha y de la Escuela 13, Armada Argentina también participaron del evento.

Stoll, oriundo de Wisconsin, visitó esos colegios en Septiembre para que los alumnos tuvieran la oportunidad de hacer las ilustraciones para la versión en castellano de su libro Cayendo Hacia Arriba, en él relata sus experiencias viajando en bicicleta alrededor del mundo. Su libro tiene un mensaje de superación personal a través de un viaje físico y espiritual.

Luego de pronunciar un breve discurso en el día de hoy durante su visita a la Escuela No 3, la Embajadora Martínez tuvo la oportunidad de entregar las copias del libro recientemente editado y dialogar con los chicos para escuchar sus experiencias.

La Directora de Educación Primaria de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, María de las Mercedes González también participó de la ceremonia junto a otras autoridades educativas, los maestros y las familias de los alumnos.


This story originally appeared on the embassy website.

This page has been archived here.

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