Dream it! arriving in the mail
Dream it! arriving in the mail

Amazon’s #1 Book in the Dreams category

Happy birthday to Dream It!

Thanks for your support, everyone. It has been a great debut for our new book “Dream it!” We actually earned Amazon’s “#1 New Release” in the “Dreams” category. Hopefully, that is a foothold in having the book go mainstream and change the world. We really do think that if the next generation of kids all have inspirational dreams, the world will inevitably become an awesome place.

We also set some other records:

  • Amazon’s #1 New Release in the “Dreams” category.
  • Ranked as the #5  New Release in Children’s Emotions
  • Ranked #8 overall in Dreams.
  • Broke the 10,000 mark in overall Amazon book sales of any title. (There are tens of millions of books.)
  • We sold out of Amazon’s stock.
  • That doesn’t even count all the people ordering direct from the publisher or other bookstores.
Dream it! Ranks as Amazon's #1 New Release in Dreams category

Update: June 29, 2018

“Dream It!” Arrives!

Dream it! arriving in the mail

Last week, we were surprised and so proud to see pictures from our new fans of “Dream it!” arriving in the mail. (We can’t wait to see the dreams start arriving! Really exciting!) Thanks again for everyone’s support. Not only has it taken 4 years to produce this book. It has also taken decades of falling uphill, if you know what I mean. And based on the response so far, we’re confident that there will be a lot more dreams, games and books to come.

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