3D cake sculpture of the main character in the "Dream It! Playbook" and the authors Sara E. Williams and Scott Stoll
3D cake sculpture of the main character in the "Dream It! Playbook" and the authors Sara E. Williams and Scott Stoll

A cake decorator’s dream come true…

…And ours too! We’re excited to post this story about one of the most surprising gifts we ever received. We had to sit at a table with our eyes closed waiting for what could have been anything. But it was a 3D bust of the main character of our book — and, believe it or not — it is a chocolate cake.

A colorful, when-pigs-fly birthday cake with a candle.
For a dream-themed, birthday party, Kendra made this flying pig cake. It’s a character in our book.

The cake was made to celebrate the publication (4-years in the making) of our new book “Dream it!” It was presented to us by our friend Dr Kendra, who spent over 30 hours making it. During the day Kendra is a clinical child psychologist, which is a BIG accomplishment (dream come true) all by itself; and, during her spare time, she likes to decorate cakes. We were so inspired by her cake that not only did we want to plaster it all over the internet, we also thought it made the perfect example of how to turn dreams into reality. Below we ask her three questions based on our 3-step formula for turning dreams into reality: 1) Dream it! 2) Map it! 3) Play it!

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the most amazing cake of them all!

A cake decorator’s dream

1) What was your inspiration to decorate cakes? (Dream it!)

My inspiration to decorate cakes comes from both my love of art and sharing my art with others, and making yummy cakes and sharing my cakes with others. I have so many people in my life who inspire me — just like Sara and Scott have — and it is so much fun to create something for them that they can enjoy.

2) How did you learn to do this? (Map it!)

I love a good challenge. I have been sculpting and baking for so long that they were not challenging enough anymore. One day I was watching The Food Network channel, and a cake-decorating show came on. My dog’s birthday was the following week, so I taught myself how to make these cakes by watching tutorials on the internet — and he got the best dog cake ever!

3) Which do you enjoy more: making the cake or watching people eat the cake? (Play it!)

I really enjoy making the cakes, but I definitely put in all of the time and effort to make a cake like this because of the joy that I experience when I see the reaction on people’s faces when they first see (and taste) the cake I made for them. It warms my heart to see someone love what I created just for them. Regarding ideas for what is next, I actually don’t have any specific plans. With these cakes, I tend to wait for inspiration and occasion to find me and then dive in!

* * *

Well, hopefully, this is the first of many feature stories about inspirational dream heroes. Please send us any recommendations, and maybe we can feature your Dream Hero.

PS. Kendra, we loved the cake so much, that we didn’t eat it. 

3D cake sculpture selfie with the main character of the Dream It Playbook and authors
3D cake sculpture selfie with the main character of the “Dream It! Playbook” and authors Sare E. Williams and Scott Stoll.

The amazing donkeycorn cake

A cake that is a donkey dressed up as a unicorn holding a book that is another cake made out of Rice Krispie treats.
Believe it or not, this is a yummy cake! This was to celebrate our book launch and was the most amazing cake any of us have ever seen. You can see that it is a character from our book. It’s the donkeycorn — a donkey dressed up as a unicorn. In his hoof, he’s holding our book. This is actually another cake made out of Rice Krispies treats with the cover being printed using edible inks.

Here’s another cake from Kendra. It’s a Rice Krispie Treat.

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